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  Machu Picchu History Briefing
    Machu Picchu Foundation
    Machu Picchu Final Days

Historical Sanctuary of Machu Picchu
    The Citadel
    Outstanding Symbol of Andean Culture will be an
       Eternal Mistery

    Location, Population and General Information

Attractions in Machu Picchu Surroundings
    Huayna Picchu
    The Moon Temple
    The Drawbridge
    Inca Trail
   Mandor Waterfalls
   Hot Springs

History of the Inca Empire or Tahuantinsuyo
    Ayar Brothers Empire Creation Myth
    The Legend of the Chanka attack on Cusco
    The first Conquest of Pachacutec
    The Planning of the new Cusco
    The Conquests of Capac Yupanqui
    The Conquests of Tupac Yupanqui
    Government of Huayna Capac
    Huascar's Government
    The Inca Empire Fall
    Manco Inca and Tupac Amaru Rebellions XVI Century
    The Great Rebellion of the 18th Century

Discovery of Machu Picchu
    Who Hiram Bingham was
    Organizing the Expedition. Giesecke, the first contact
    The Confrontation for Recognition
    Government Expeditions
    Cultural Pillaging

Machu Picchu Engineering and Architecture
    Description of the Citadel
    Machu Picchu Construction Planning
    Sectors in Machu Picchu
     - Agricultural Sector
     - Urban Sector
    Machu Picchu Architectural features

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Machu Picchu Tourist Information
   How to get there
   Climate and Health
   Rules for visiting Machu Pichu
   Recommended Sites to visit in Machu Pichu
   General Services

Settlements in Machu Picchu
   On the right bank of the Urubamba river
   On the left bank of the Urubamba river

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   One day Long Ago
   The Train To Machu Picchu

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